Toy Fair 2014 – Mega Bloks

tf14 tnThe Mega Bloks showroom at Toy Fair was huge, and during my visit I focused on the boys/collector parts of the showroom.  This post will list out each of the key themes and call out a highlight or two of each.

World Builders: This theme combines the John Deere, CAT, NYPD and Jeep brands under one umbrella brand. I’ve always been a fan of their Jeep sets (the Jeep Wrangler set is a great looking set), but the prize build in category is the NYPD Mobile Command Center. Based on a real life NYPD vehicle, this set has some great accessories that really make it fun. This is one to check out!

Hot Wheels: The Mega Bloks / Mattel partnership continues to be strong as Hot Wheels roll into another year of product. My favorite product this year is the Super Race Set 8-in-1, which provides enough pieces to build 8 mini cars, 1 large car, or any number of combinations in between. There’s a ton of opportunity for creativity, which should be one of the draws of any construction set.

Spongebob Squarepants: Brand new this year for Mega Bloks is Spongebob Squarepants. Each set is lifted direct from an episode – and there will be a ton of unique figures in this theme. My favorite set on display was the Invisible Boatmobile Rescue – the car is fantastic, built all from a translucent blue bloks…very cool.

Power Rangers: The hugely popular Power Rangers sets continue for another year – including the blind bagged mini action figures. For Power Rangers I’m not sure if my favorite new item was the Collectibles Figures Pack, which has 6 different Ranger characters or the new smaller sized, lower priced Megazords. I really like the opportunities for mix-and-match with the Zords to make your own.

Kapow!: Kapow! is a brand new collection for the year where you first build your robot then control them in combat against another robot. Your options here are for single robots or the ‘Bash vs. Nitro Showdown’ which has you ready right out of the box for combat.

Skylanders: Photos weren’t allowed of the new Skylanders sets, but each sets incorporates brand new rocket launchers and ‘action points’ where hitting the target activates an action feature in the set. The other play pattern in the Skylanders sets this year is ‘spinning battle’…you assemble your spinner, choose your battle tip, place your character in the spinner and go off to battle in the Force Frost Guard Battle Arcade.

Call of Duty: Following on it’s introduction last fall, Call of Duty returns this year which a ton of new sets and figures (including zombies and Riley the dog). The star of the show for the new Call of Duty sets is the ODIN Space Station Strike set – it’s tough to beat astronauts fighting in space over a space station. It’s a great set.

Halo: Last, but far from least, Halo returns this year with new micro action figures featuring all new and interchangeable armors. Of the new sets this year, the UNSC Auto Mantis Attack is quite impressive. The Mantis features working rocket launchers, lights, sounds and is remote controlled. Using the X-Box One style remote control you can line up your target and fire away. It’s very, very cool.

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