Toy Fair 2014 – JAKKS Pacific

tf14 tnJAKKS has some big plans for 2014 and not just metaphorically. Some of the products that stood out to me were:

  • miWorld – I’m almost embarrassed by how into this line I was. Each set is a different shop and, by collecting the sets, you can build your own shopping mall. In addition to physical play, there’s also a digital element via the miWorld app where you can beam your avatar into the playsets and interact with elements in the app. These are really nice playsets, and accessory packs provide a way to customize it and make it your own. I can’t wait to have Batman working that counter at Sprinkles!
  • 48″ Ninja Turtle. Yes…a 4 feet tall Ninja Turtles. I said Jakks had big plans for the year. A giant Michelangelo was on display and looked very impressive. To top it off – there’s storage in his shell.
  • Big Figures – the 31″ figures will be continuing. The Star Wars: Rebels Inquisitor was on display and looked fantastic. Another big fig on the way, but not on display, is Godzilla.
  • Nintendo – JAKKS will be producing 2.5″ tall articulated figures on various Nintendo properties…the Ganon figure looked fantastic. I can’t wait to see these on the pegs. They also have a rideable Mario Kart (which I missed in my pics).
  • Hero Portal – JAKKS plug ‘n play games now get a ‘collect and play’ twist with their Hero Portal game sets. Each set includes two figures and have an expansion package available with 2 extra figures which unlock the characters in the video game. These are planned for TMNT, Power Rangers and DC Universe. These are a great way to get the ‘collect and play’ play pattern without the expense of a home video console.
  • Spynet get a ‘Covert Ops’ make over this year and has some very cool product including the Covert Ops™ Bot Remote Control Vehicle & Video Camera, which is essentially a drone for kids. You toss it and then drive it to the destination, even out of sight, thanks to the embedded camera beaming the video back to the RC controller.

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