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tf14 tnIf you read this site with any semblence of regularity, you’ll know that Underground Toys is one of my favorite group of folks to talk to at Toy Fair. With a booth full of Star Wars and Doctor Who goodness, I’m never disappointed. With much of their new product on display at the London toy show there are a few things that I’d like share.

  • The 2nd series of 3.75″ figures look good…the Capaldi figure in particular looks much better in person than in photographs
  • The 3.75″ Amy Pond and 10th Doctor looked incredible…spot on perfect. Looking forward to seeing the production pieces on those.
  • The 5″ Other Doctor is AMAZING. It might be their best 5″ figure to date.
  • The plush of the 4th Doctor and Clara were new for NYTF – both are in the gallery below.
  • While there was nothing new shown, Classics will continue, albeit sporadically. They will be continuing in the 5″ scale.
  • There will be a SDCC exclusive from Underground Toys – in the 5″ scale. Might even be a 2-pack if we’re lucky!

The gallery below has photographs from their display – there was a ton I couldn’t photograph, so stay tuned as all this cool product gets released!

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  1. Wonderful! I love the 5″ Classic line so much – decades of pent-up “Doctor Who” toy frustration with only a little Dapol line to satisfy me. I never hesitate to pick up the latest figures UT/CO make for this market, they are beautifully made.

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