MattyCollector January sale update

Today was Matty’s January sale, the first with the CAPTCHA implemented.  So how did it go?  Reports are mixed, but there were definitely some snags in the system.  For starters Vikor sold out in 2-4 minutes; considerably after the figure had sold out Matty announced that they only received half of their figures and that a 2nd batch was expected which would go on sale once they were confirmed.  Why this wasn’t announced before the sale, I’m not sure; but I am confident that it sent a significant number of buyers to ebay to overpay for the figure.

The second issue commonly encountered is that customers who tried to place an order for the MotU stands were informed that the stands cannot ship to the United States, and they had to be removed from carts to complete the order.

Perhaps February’s sale will be more smooth…

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