Toy Fair 2014 – Hasbro’s Kre-O G. I. Joe and Transformers

tf14 tnToy Fair unofficially kicked off today with the Hasbro Brand Preview Event. One of the properties covered was the Kre-O brand of construction toys. The coverage below focuses on the Transformers and Joe Kre-Os, however the Cityville and Dungeons & Dragons sets were also there at the show. Enjoy!

Transformers- Movie MicroChangers – Continuing
Custom Kreons Continuing- Optimus, Drift, Ratchet, Lockdown (movie)
MicroChangers Combiners – Grimstone – dinobot combiner
Lazerbolt, Obsidian, Volcanicon
Normal sets – Grimlock Street Attack with “DinoForce” Technology
Jeal Cell Breakout, Lockdown Air Assault, Galvatron’s Factory Battle (largest set of the year)

G. I. Joe

2 new waves of 12 new Kreon Figures – collection #3 and wave #4
Outpost Defense Set – Cobra Ferret w/ Storm Shadow and Beach Head
Firebat Attack – Firebat + Wolverine, Recondo, Katzenbogen, Cobra Pilot
Kre-O Terror Drome — 856 pieces, 6 Kreons. This is a huge set!

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