Living Dead Dolls Prepare To Set World Record

LDD16th logoNew York- The Living Dead Dolls, a proprietary brand of Mezco Toyz, is approaching a milestone that makes other toy lines green with envy; The Living Dead Dolls are set to become the world’s Longest Continually Produced Series Of Collectible Horror Themed Dolls.

First introduced in 1998, the Living Dead Dolls have seen countless other toy lines come and go.  Of all the new toy lines introduced by various companies in 1998 only two others continue to be produced: a talking truck and a talking dinosaur.

The Living Dead Dolls are the creations of three men: Ed Long, Damien Glonek, and “Mez” Markowitz.

Says Mez of the 16-year milestone; “What’s dark and twisted and a huge part of my life? Living Dead Dolls! I cannot believe that the dolls are 16 years old already. It seems like just yesterday Ed, Damien, and myself were sitting down to work on series 1. It’s been incredible to watch the brand grow. It’s been an honor to team up with Ed and Damien. It’s amazing to see the fans love for the dolls. It’s been 16 years since these creepy little creatures crawled out of the unholy cemetery that is Ed and Damien’s minds. Congratulations boys! I can’t help but be incredibly excited about what the future holds!”

Equally excited, Damien added; “: “There was never a thought out plan when we first started.  Living Dead Dolls was built upon a do what we like attitude and it grew into something beyond our wildest expectations.  I couldn’t be happier with the support and dedication our fans have given us throughout the years.  The dolls have taken on a life of their own and they are now as much apart of everyone who collects them as they are to us who create them.  These last 16 years have flown by but there is still so much we want and need to do with LDD that we eagerly are looking forward to the next 16 and beyond.”

 During the 111th New York International Toy Fair, on 2/17 at 4pm, Mezco and The Living Dead Dolls will receive the world record certificate officially proclaiming them the world’s Longest Continually Produced Series Of Collectible Horror Themed Dolls. “It is a great honor to receive the record, and we thank all the fans and collectors for helping to make it possible” said Mezco’s Mike Drake, “16 years is centuries in toy years. 99.997% of the toys lines introduced at the 2014 Toy Fair will not exist in 5 years, in 16 years they will be but a foggy memory…a notation to a footnote in the history of toys. What the Living Dead Dolls and Mezco have accomplished is without equal and a tribute to the entrepreneurial spirit. The Living Dead Dolls are proof that dreams can become reality, dreams can endure, and dreams can change the world, just as the Living Dead Dolls have changed the world of dolls”.

 Mezco will be exhibiting The Living Dead Dolls series 27, featuring spirits and demons from around the world, as well as other products at booth 4931 at the 111th New York International Toy Fair. All Toy Fair attendees are welcome to join the award event as Mez, Ed, and Damien receive their world record certificate at 4pm on 2/17.

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