Matty’s February sale date and details

With a new month under way, the details of Matty’s Monthly sale are now posted. February’s sale takes place Wednesday February 15th at 9AM Pacific (Noon Eastern). The month’s offerings are:

  • Masters of the Universe Classics
    • Sorceress – Club Eternia Figure of the Month
    • Fisto –  Club Eternia Figure of the Month
    • Shadow Weaver – Exclusive figure to subscribers
    • Beast Man – Reissue
    • Stratos –Reissue

    MOTU 30th Anniversary Series

    • Fearless Photog


    • Red Lion & Lance Figures

    MOTUC, Ghostbusters & Voltron Essentials

    • He-Man
    • Battle Cat
    • Skeletor
    • Panthor
    • 6” Peter Venkman
    • 6″ Ray Stantz
    • Blazing Sword Voltron

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