MegaBloks’ Skylanders Arkeyan Robot King Review

megalogoA few weeks ago, three MegaBloks sets were shipped to the AwesomeToyBlog HQ for review. This is the third review, you can see my Hot Wheels Super Blitzen Monster truck review here and my Halo UNSC Night Ops Gausshog review here.  The third set I was sent was the Skylanders Arkeyan Robot King featuring Pop Fizz, and it’s my favorite of the three.

The set includes 294 pieces and I built the model in just under an hour. The directions were very clear, with no ambiguity as to which pieces I should be using for each step. This kit is, more or less, a modular build where you first assemble the head, the torso, the arms, the legs and then assemble the complete robot. Each of the arms was distinct, which helped prevent the construction process from getting monotonous. Of the three sets I built, I enjoyed putting this one together the best. There’s some really clever blok-work in this kit, and it’s fun seeing it go together.

Once assembled, the robot is also a ton of fun. Featuring ball-in-socket joints at the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees – he can take many, many different dynamic poses. The head turns and also serves as a spot of Pop Fizz to take control. The one arm has a built in launching mechanism, letting you fire off his fist or a rocket. It’s a great play feature that really adds to the kit. The figure of Pop Fizz is also a blast, featuring a great deco and sculpt he has articulated shoulders, wrists and ankles. Parts are included that snap on and puts Pop Fizz into beast mode – another great add-on.

If it’s not been clear, this set is fantastic! Building the set is fun and the end result is fun to play with. This would make a great gift for a kid who is Skylanders obsessed and has parents who try to limit the time in front of the games – it brings a whole new way to play in that world. The robot also has enough exposed studs, leaving ample opportunity for customization – the only limit is imagination. The Arkeyan Robot King set, part of MegaBlok’s Skylanders line, is available near you. Thanks to MegaBloks for providing the set for review.




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