SDCC Exclusive Outer Space Men Announced by the Four Horsemen

SDCC 2013 logoEarlier today on the Four Horsemen’s facebook page they announced the preorders for the SDCC exclusive Outer Space Men preorders going live this Sunday at 6PM EST. This years OSM exclusives are:

  • Alpha Phase wave 6 & Deluxe 2 sold as a set (Colossus Rex, Horroscope & Ohpromatem)
  • Alpha Phase wave 7 & Deluxe 3 sold as a set (Gamma X, Terra Firma & Jack Asteroid)

Each of these figures will be molded in clear, colored plastic and included clear colored accessories. Images of the exact figures are pending, but below you’ll see the figures in the set. Use your imaginations to see them in clear, colored plastic…or just wait until official images are released!

CC13 OSM 2 CC13 OSM 1

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