Toy Fair 2014 – Funko ReAction Figures and Legacy

tf14 tnDue to the sheer volume of product on display at Toy Fair, I’m splitting my Funko coverage into three posts – one of Pop!, one for ReAction and Legacy figures and one for all the other cool products. ReAction and Legacy are Funko’s new action figures lines where ReAction has a retro, 70’s vibe and Legacy are targeting the collector’s market with Gentle Giant sculpting, high end deco and maximum articulation.
ReAction, which recently made their introduction to the world with Alien figures – will quickly be expanding to many properties. The news of these broke of a few weeks ago when Entertainment Earth posted pre-orders, but now they’re really real having seen them in the flesh. These were intial prototypes on display and several have some sculpting tweaks in the works.

Also leaked a bit early were the Game of Thrones Legacy figures, with the first wave available and instantly selling out from Barnes & Noble. These and wave 2 were on display at the show. Two other properties were on display, the newly announced Magic: The Gathering figures and The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

And here’s some Firefly news – there will be Legacy figures, and they may be at SDCC. The ReAction Jayne figure with the hat will be an SDCC exclusive.

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