DC Offering Variant ‘Man of Steel’ Statue as SDCC Exclusive

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MTVGeek today revealed one additional DC Collectibles SDCC exclusive, a variant ‘Man of Steel’ Superman statue. This 1:6 scale statue was sculpted by Gentle Giant and features Superman in a black costume standing on a base of skulls. This statue is priced at $129.95 and will be available, with all the other DC Collectible SDCC Exclusives, at the Graphitti Designs booth – #2315.

DC Man of steel statue variant


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  1. Supes standing atop a pile of skulls.

    Yes, this isn’t the “real” Superman… or, IS it?

    What’s the subtle or not-so-subtle message of the new, darker Superman? Is the message that “Truth, justice, and the American way” is a now a more universally recognized de facto lie, and the “American way” is now to simply eliminate one’s opponents? That democracy and all our ideals are dead, or at least that they’re being ignored and not followed, and that we ALL now stand atop a pile of skulls and we all have the blood of innocent millions on our hands ?

    Is the new, dark Superman a recognition of our moral problem(s) or is it meant as propaganda to normalize and maintain the brutish, amoral, prevailing corporate “profit at all costs” POV?

    Maybe Warner Bros/DC Comics and their creators are on target, after all? Maybe this is the only Superman we deserve?

    We’ve all got to ask the tough questions.

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