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A few months ago, Quantum Mechanix revealed their Star Trek: The Next Generation Comm Badge replica, and I joined the waitlist that day for this item. A few weeks ago the item became available and I wasted no time in placing my order – a few days later the impressive piece was in my hand.

Quantum Mechanix was fortunate to start with an original mold, which they restored, for this piec – resulting in a perfectly sculpted and sized replica. I’ll be honest, it’s smaller than I thought comm badges were – standing just about 2″ from tip to tip. See the photo below with the 3 3/4″  Galoob Geordi La Forge for an idea of scale. This is a heavy piece, being made from bright and shiny gold and silver metal. Fortunately they used a super strong magnet in this replica, which is more than strong enough to hold the badge on. Also, since it’s not a pin, using the comm badge won’t require you to poke holes through your clothes, or even worse, your replica ST:TNG uniform.

My only gripe with this piece is that Quantum Mechanix made the decision to make it shiny – really shiny. Show every fingerprint shiny. Screen accurate comm badges were painted resin and have a matte finish. That’s it – that’s my only complaint, otherwise the Star Trek: The Next Generation knocks it out of the park. I did forget one thing in this review – it was just $20. For $20 I have a near perfect replica of a Star Trek: The Next Generation comm badge. How crazy is that?

In fact, Quantum Mechanix, if you wanted to ‘double dip’ and release a matte finish version of the comm badge – I’ll be the first in line. For now, I’ll settle for shiny.


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