Figure Spotlight 94 – Thor


Series: Secret Wars 2-packs, Marvel Universe

Release Date: 1/2010

Part of the 3rd wave of Secret Wars 2-packs, the awesome Asgardian Avenger Thor comes packed with Enchantress.  Hasbro has these comic packs down to a science; being sure to balance out the quality of one figure with the other.  For a crappy Reed we get an excellent Ultron; for an OK Enchantress we get a very good Thor.

I’m very satisfied with this Thor figure – Hasbro really nailed the ‘look’ of Thor in his classic costume.  He’s also a nice, solid figure – no worries about twisting off an arm with this one.  I was also surprised at the details of this figure – namely on the hammer.  His hammer is actually engraved – and actually readable (well, more or less readable)!  This is a top notch figure and kudos to Hasbro for this one.

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