Debuts NECA’s SDCC Exclusive NES Jason Vorhees

SDCC 2013 logo has revealed an exciting NECA SDCC exclusive. From the exceptionally difficult ‘Friday the 13th’ videogame comes the NES version of Jason Vorhees. This 7″ purple figure includes glow-in-the-dark features where Jason’s mask, hands, and feet will glow a soft blue, while his included machete blade and axe head will glow white. The exclusive will be packaged in a special window box that recreates the look of the Friday the 13th game packaging.

This is my 3rd ‘must have’ SDCC exclusive for the year and while the crazy difficult game isn’t particularly enjoyable this is a fantastic homage is the sort of release an SDCC exclusive should be. Major props to Randy and the folks over at NECA!


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