Star Trek Kre-O Blind Bagged Figure Decoder

star trek kreo

Hasbro’s Star Trek Kre-O line is hitting stores now (I found it in Toys R Us this evening) and as part of the line-up the first series of blind bagged minifigures are now available. As with the other blind bagged Kre-O figures, a code on the package is tied to the figure in the bag, making it much easier to complete your set. But, if you’re not interested in the whole set – see below for which package code corresponds to which figure.

  • 30711 05 Captain Nero
  • 30711  06  Keenser
  • 30711 07 Lieutenant Sprog
  • 30711 08 Klingon
  • 30711 09 Gorn
  • 30711 10 Grasia


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