Exclusive Minimates I.S.S. Enterprise On Course for Entertainment Earth

dst-logo1Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum today revealed an exclusive version of their upcoming Minimates U.S.S. Enterprise. The Mirror Universe Enterprise (the I.S.S. Enterprise) will be an exclusive to Entertainment Earth. In addition to the features of the regular edition (the top reveals the bridge, the command chair is removable and a Jeffries Tube is in the nacelle) this version of the Enterprise includes the distinctive Terran Empire markings and comes with Kirk in his sleeveless gold tunic. Check out images below and preorder the ship at Entertainment Earth, or risk being subjected to the Agonizer.

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  1. LOL, nothing against the people who dig this kind of thing, but I find it so depressing that there’s a market for stuff like this and not actual Trek action figures.

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