Photo Op – Avengers #1 Cover

Marvel Universe  - Avengers 1 Cover

This was one of the rate photo projects where I went from idea to finished photo in one evening.  To make that challenging; this was also one of the rare photo projects that heavily relied on my Photoshop skills.  My Avengers boxset from HasbroToyShop was delivered and I was immediately enamored with it!  I just loved the retro stylings of the figures and I was suddenly inspired to re-create the cover to Avengers #1.  I downloaded the cover; and took to removing the Avengers from it; leaving the header area and Loki in the foreground.  Below that were 3 layers of action figure photos taken in the light tent; with the figures isolated from the background – one for Wasp, one for Ant Man and one for Iron Man, Hulk and Thor.  The final layer was a solid grey layer where I had drawn lines for a floor and some sort of wall panel.

Wasp and Ant Man were the most problematic to photograph; I had placed a pin into each figure leaving them hanging from Croc Master’s hand.  Once photographed, I erased any sign of the pin in the photo.  All in all, it was a few hours work – the most time consuming was removing elements of the original cover; but I’m very pleased with the outcome.

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