AwesomeToyBlog’s Holiday Gift Guide Day #1 – Lego Fan

With the holiday season now upon us, it can be difficult to find the right gifts for the fan in your life. Now in it’s second year, the AwesomeToyBlog Awesome Holiday Gift Guide is my opportunity to spotlight some fantastic products that make perfect gifts. For the first day of this gift guide, let’s look at some perfect gifts for the Lego maniac in your life.

Many of us ‘older’ kids want a way to take a little bit of Lego to our office, but struggle with having a traditional Lego set sitting on our desk. A great alternative is one of the fantastic Lego Architecture sets – these sets, ranging in price from $20-$200, let you build your own architectural masterpiece from Lego bricks. You can see all the sets available on and Amazon, but a few favorite sets include the Farnsworth House (pictured below – $59.99), Big Ben ($29.99) and Seattle’s Space Needle ($19.99).

If you have someone in your life addicted to Minecraft – then you just have to get them the Lego Minecraft set ($34.99). This has been a hot one, so it might require you to check the site often, but it’s worth it. Any fan of the game will have a blast constructing this one!

Maybe the person you’re shopping for doesn’t actually need more Legos (perish the thought!) but they need someplace to put them. Instead of using a plain plastic bin, give them big Legos to put their Legos in – I know, mind blowing.  These Lego storage bins come in a variety of sizes (I like the brick 4 and brick 8) and they even work as giant Legos, easily stacked. I’ve seen these online (see earlier links) and they have them at the Container Store. This is the perfect storage solution, offering a great balance of practicality and fun.


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