Figure Spotlight: Bombshock with Combaticons

Bombshell with Combaticons

Series: Transformers: Power Core Combiners

Release Date: 7/2010

Power Core Combiners is one of the new themes running through Transformers which borrows heavily on past “gimmicks”.  Take a bit of ‘Scramble City’ combiners, a bit of Micromasters, a bit of Energon Optimus Prime and a bit of minicons and you get Power Core Combiners.   You have one central Transformer (in this case) Bombshock and 4 vehicle drones which can combine to form a larger robot; Bombshock as the core and the drones as the limbs.  The system is very interchangeable with the ability to swap out the core robot or use drones from different sets.  Its a great concept with a ton of flexibility and opportunities for fun.  Keep reading for my detailed thoughts and some pictures!

Packaging: Lets first look at packaging…my first impression upon opening the box is great; the paper ties are continuing.  I encountered them with Cybertronian Optimus Prime and thought they were great; so I’m thrilled to see them continuing to be used.  The packaging is well laid out with the drones surrounding Bombshock.  An additional packaging detail…the plastic bubble for the drones is blue; while Bombshock’s is clear…it is subtle, but a great way to draw your eye into Bombshock.

Bombshock: Bombshock himself is a nice little Transformer.  Not particularly complicated…but its a few steps to complete the Transformation.  The sculpt is well detailed and the paint job is nice.  He’s up to par with the other Power Core Combiners being sold on the pegs.  His vehicle mode is a tank like vehicle.

Combaticons: There isn’t much to go into with the drones.  They are well scuplted and painted, not much more one could ask for.  Being Combaticons they are a set of military vehicles.

Combined Mode: The process of transforming into the combined mode is actually pretty fun.  You press the drones onto the 4 pegs and they self-transform into the limb; which is pretty nifty.  The resulting robot is pretty well sized; standing at about 8 inches.  The combined robot mode is pretty thin and lank, but its an aesthetic that works.  Visually the robot looks cohesive and he’s quite well armed.  Articulation is pretty good with quite a few joints and poseability at the knees, hips, shoulders, waist and head.

Summary: Power Core Combiners are the latest twist on a the old theme of combining smaller robots to make a bigger one.  Fortunately it still feels fresh and for $20 you get quite a value.  Bombshock is a solid Transformer in his own right; add in the combination with the Combaticons and you’ve got a pretty great toy.  Thanks to Hasbro and the folks at Hunter PR for providing with this product.

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