Win a life-sized Darth Maul statue signed by George Lucas

As new 2012 ‘The Phantom Menace’ figures start to hit Target the vintage style cardbacks promote a new contest where you can win a life-sized, George Lucas signed, Darth Maul statue!  The contest will have a site,, but that’s not live at the time of this article. To enter, simply send in the form included in a figure – or send a 3×5 card with your name, street address, city, state, zip code, phone number and date of birth (and a parent’s signature if you’re under 18) to Star Wars Darth Maul Giveaway PO Box 513, Elmhurst, IL 60126.  All entries must be recieved by August 31, 2012 – and you are limited to 1 entry per person per day and only one entry per envelope.  The prizes include the Darth Maul statue (valued at $3100, apparently) and 100 first prizes of a Force FX Lightsaber.  May the Force be with you!

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  1. hi i’am a big fan of your work i think your the best i have some starwars collection of my own thank you for your time and kip doing a good job thanks.

  2. Hello i,m not just a fan of star wars, i,d like to live the 6 movies.I have two ultimate fx lightsabers to be exact.Oh another thing turning Anikin evil, it makes it tender to the film, it makes it more awsome. Thank you for… the good on the films,finding the perfect actors,and the stylish hair cut!If wondering how old I am. I,m 10.Keep up the good work Mr.Lucas. your biggest fan,
    bailey graham 1700 frances st. kannapolis/North Carolina

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