AwesomeToyBlog’s Holiday Gift Guide – Day 6 – for the self-proclaimed Architect

Now that the holiday season is upon us, it’s time to pick up gifts for your favorite people. But, from time to time, your favorite geek/nerd/toy collector can sometimes pose a bit of a challenge. To help you out, I’ve put together the AwesomeToyBlog holiday gift guide. Ten products, each addressing a niche in the fandom, one each day. Up today are gifts that work for the Lego fan, or if you happen to know an architect or architecture aficionado – the Lego Architecture series is perfect!

Second only to the collectible mini-figure series, the Lego Architecture series are one of my favorite product lines released by Lego.  Each set allows you to build a scaled down version of a landmark building. While many of the sets lean towards modern architecture (the Guggenheim museum, the Robie House, Fallingwater) other sets such as the White House and Empire States Building represent other architectural movements.  Each set also includes small book with facts and details about the building, letting the builder know why the building is significant to architecture.   These sets range in price from $25 all the way to $200, personal favorites include the Guggenheim, Fallingwater and Seattle’s Space Needle. Other sets are available on Amazon or

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