Masters of the Universe reveals from Powercon

Powercon, the first convention to celebrate the Masters of the Universe (and Thundercats) franchise is taking place this weekend in Los Angeles.  Earlier this morning MattyCollector had their panel and announced a few new items for their Masters of the Universe Classics line.  Two new monthly figures were announced, Stinkor (April) and Slushead (May).  For the 30th Anniversary collection, Matty announced that 3rd figure in the line as being Mighty Spector.  They also announce the Q2 subscription beast as being the Griffin, a convention (but not SDCC) exclusive white repaint of the Sorceress and Snake Mountain themed stands.  This makes the line-up for 2012 as:

  • Subscription Exclusive – Shadow Weaver
  • January – Sorceress, Fearless Fotog (30th Ann.), Star Sisters 3-pack
  • February – Fisto
  • March – Kobra Khan, Thunder Punch He-Man, DraegoMan (30th Ann.)
  • April – Stinkor, Snake Mountain stands, Griffin (beast)
  • May – Slushhead, Spector (30th Ann.)

Check out pictures (from – head there to see the full size pictures) below.

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