Panthor Missing in New York City

If you are in New York City – or are travelling there for NYCC – you need to be on high alert. While Mattel is celebrating 41 years of Masters of the Universe, Skeletor and Panthor were planning a trip to the city through one of Skeletor’s magical portals. Somehow in their travels, Panthor and Skeletor have been separated – and Skeletor is roaming the city trying to find he’s beloved purple pal.

Be on the lookout this week as you might find clues including paw prints and more and will likely see Skeletor popping up in the subway, on the street, in parks, the zoo, or local eateries in search of Panthor. You will likely also see “Missing Cat” posters using the hashtag, #WheresPanthor and offering a reward to anyone who can help locate missing Panthor.  You can follow along on Instagram & YouTube as Skeletor searches for his best friend!

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