Mando Monday Brings New Black Series Archive, The Child, Black Series Bo-Katan

It’s another Monday and Hasbro has delivered on a new batch Star Wars new releases coming in Spring 2021.

The first reveal is a new wave of Black Series Archive figures: a second chance at some of Black Series’ bests. This new wave includes the Tusken Raider, the Shoretrooper, the Imperial Hovertank Driver and the Imperial Deathtrooper.

Grogu continues to be a huge draw for ‘The Mandalorian’ and Hasbro’s Bounty Collection of vinyl figures will continue with a third series of two packs with poses including helmet peeking, datapad tablet, blue milk mustache, meditating and more. Grogu will also get a fun new plush where he is in his hover-pram…and then through a little folding and flipping his pram closes up and keeps him safe.

Also revealed today is a single new Black Series figure: Bo-Katan Kryze. Decked out in her Mandalorian armor, you can lead her quest to recover the Dark Saber. She’s got all the articulation and premium deco you’ve come to expect in the Black Series.

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