Matty’s April sale details

Matty has released details of the April sale.  A big line up is set to go up for grabs starting April 15th at 9AM Pacific.  The items are:

  • 12” Lex Luthor
  • 12” Superman (reissue)
  • 12” General Zod (reissue)
  • Retro-Action® DC Super Heroes™ Sinestro
  • Disney • Pixar Cars Barry Diesel
  • MOTUC Sy-Klone™ Figure
  • MOTUC Panthor® Figure
  • MOTUC Weapons Rack
  • MOTUC Moss Man® (re-issue, unflocked ears)

I’ll be waffling between trying to grab a Panthor or not…it might be a Matty-free April for me!

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