Funko Reveals First Wave of SDCC Exclusives

Funko today shared the first round of their SDCC exclusives, and did so with an anime theme.  Look for more exclusives soon and full details regarding shared exclusives closer to the show.
Pop! Animation: Sailor Moon – Black Lady
Absorbed by the Dark Crystal, The Black Lady is here and ready to do the Wiseman’s bidding!
Pop! Animation: Dragon Ball Z – Dead Yamcha
He dared to do the impossible. Dead Yamcha serves as a reminder to not be reckless!
Pop! Animation: Dragon Ball Z – Super Saiyan Broly
Born with a power level of 10,000, add Broly, one of the most powerful but unpredictable Saiyans, to your collection!
Pop! Animation: Dragon Ball Z – Gold Vegeta
Are you ready now to witness a power not seen for thousands of years? Vegeta is now a gold SDCC exclusive
Pop! Animation: Heavy Metal – Bloody Taarna
We’re excited to bring Heavy Metal to our Pop! Animation line with everyone’s favorite Taarakian warrior maiden, Taarna!

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