Toy Fair 2011 – Tonner Dolls

Ok, Dolls are a little bit outside the normal scope of AwesomeToyBlog, but while at Toy Fair I took the opportunity to see what Tonner had on display.  I was really impressed with their Muppets dolls, the Miss Piggy on display looked fantastic.  They also had several ladies from the DC-universe on display which looked fantastic, but they paled in comparison to the larger (18-inch, maybe) Wonder Woman which towered over them.

I’ve gone ahead and put a few images together in a gallery, which you can see below.

[nggallery id=45]

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  1. Great photos! We liked what Tonner Dolls had to offer too. Their Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum dolls were really spooky…we covered some Tonner stuff on our blog . I think it’s really cool how they do traditional dolls, like the Disney Princess dolls, but aren’t afraid to branch out.

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