John Ottinger’s Dweores Statues at SDCC

cc15 tnDweores, created by John Ottinger, are used millions of times daily in Facebook’s Messenger Stickers store and star in their own comic book series. They have now been finally recreated as highly detailed resin statues! Two Dweores will be available at SDCC, Kaso and Gat. Kaso, one of the Village Protectors and star of the comic series has been hand painted and given an incredible, weathered patina. Kaso is molded with his backpack,umbrella, drinking cup, lucky bird and piggy bank. The water on the base was created with translucent blue resin. The statue stands 6″ tall. The Exclusive SDCC Kaso Statue is $69.99.
Also premiering at this year’s Comic Con is a 6″ statue of the silly Dweore, Gat. This statue is also incredibly detailed with a beautiful hand painted patina. The Gat Statue is $59.99. Both of these statues are available in small press area, booth N1


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