Figure Spotlight #25 – World War Hulk

Marvel Universe World War HulkAfter being tricked into exile in space by the Illuminati, the Hulk returns to Earth following the death of his people and his pregnant wife on an exploding space craft.  Once in Manhattan he seeks revenge on those who sent him into space in the first place.   The World War Hulk figure is part of the Marvel Universe line, shipping in Wave 12.

The first Marvel Universe Hulk figure sorta stinks.  Unfortunately that mold was used to make a Red Hulk, a Grey Hulk, the Secret Wars comic-pack Hulk.  World War Hulk is a brand new sculpt.  A brand new, awesome sculpt.  This figure is quite good and serves as a great example of how improved the Marvel Universe line is.  There is one complaint on this figure though; Hulk comes with these great weapons…an awesome ax and sword, but he can’t hold them!  The handles of the weapons are too small for his hands, an unfortunate miss.

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