Masters of the Universe schedule through June

In addition to making my day and annoucing a Catra figure, MattyCollector also posted their schedule for Masters of the Universe releases through June.  See the schedule below – chock full of reissuey goodness.


  • Vikor(Club Eternia figure)
  • Palace Guards (2010 product shipping late, not part of the club)
  • Evil Lynn reissue (not part of the club)
  • Castle Grayskull Stands (not part of the club)


  • Bow (Club Eternia figure)
  • Preternia He-Man (not for sale but will ship to Club members)
  • Etheria Map (not for sale but will ship to Club members)
  • Shadow Beast (Club Eternia oversized figure)
  • Keldor (reissue, not part of the club)
  • Tytus (reissue, not part of the club)


  • King Hssss (Club Eternia Figure)
  • Battle Armor Skeletor (Club Eternia Quartlery figure)
  • Princess Adora (reissue)
  • Count Marzo (reissue)


  • Sy-Klone (Club Eternia figure)
  • Panthor (Club Eternia oversized beast)
  • Weapons Rack (new item, not part of the club)
  • Moss Man (reissue)


  • Catra (Club Eternia Figure, revealed in Toy Fare magaizne, on sale now!)
  • Whiplash (reissue)
  • Stratos (reissue)

June (details to be revealed at Toy Fair):

  • New Figure (Club Eternia figure)
  • New Quarterly figure (Club Eternia figure)
  • Reissue figure

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