Aliens ReAction Egg Chamber Playsets Opened Up to the Masses

SDCC 2014 logo bSuper7’s plans for their SDCC exclusive Alien Egg Chamber playset got a ton of attention, with it being an equal mix of excitement for the faux-vintage playset and the other half being disappointment that it was limited to 250 pieces and would be extremely difficult to obtain, even for those attending SDCC. That’s all changed now, as Super7 have announced that, in addition to the 250 pieces at SDCC, they would be opening up pre-orders for a 2nd edition where the only change would be the box color. During comic-con, the Super7 website will be taking pre-orders for the Alien Egg Chamber playset, with it being priced at $100 + $15 shipping. These are being produced, essentially, made to order, and the total edition size will be limited to the orders taken. These are expected to take approximately six months to manufacture, so orders would ship in early 2015, possibly earlier. Pre-orders will be taken at

super7 egg chamber regular edition

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