SDCC items sale tomorrow 8/2

The sale for remaining SDCC items is tomorrow, 8/2 starting at 12 noon Eastern, 9AM Pacific.  If you weren’t at the show, or never had the opportunity to get in the Mattel line this is your chance to pick up some of the show exclusive items.  The following items will (briefly, I’m guessing) be available:

  • Skeletor vs. Mo-Larr
  • Orko with Prince Adam – this is a non-color changing version of the Orko figure
  • Plastic Man – without suitcase
  • Justice League of America presents Starro the Conqueror
  • Cars Toon Tokyo Mater
  • Retro-Action Peter Venkman
  • Toy Story 3 – Lots
  • The Undertaker
  • Avatar Jake Sully vs Colonel Miles Quaritch Figures

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