What I Bought Today: G. I. Joe Retaliation Cyber Ninja

wibt tn Item: Cyber Ninja
Line: G. I. Joe: Retaliation
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Store: Toys R Us

Bio/Package Text: The CYBER NINJA is the ultimate combination of ancient ninja fighting arts and advanced technology. He almost defies gravity as he stealthily slides down the side of a heavily guarded building. With his cybernetic invisibility suit, he slips inside undetected to carry out a lethal sneak attack!

Thoughts:  During today’s trip to Toys R Us, I was shocked to find an entire peg full of newish wave Joes. I’m not even sure of the last time I was in a store and saw fresh Joes…so I couldn’t help myself and picked up a Cyber Ninja.

While I’m still not completely sure what makes him a Cyber Ninja and not a Techno-Ninja, I am sure that this is another quality Joe fig. The body and articulation are exactly what you’d expect from a modern Joe – great. The deco on the outfit is very Tron-meets- G.I. Joe, a basic black jump suit with blue line details. The figure is also wearing a silver with blue details vest and his head is covered in a non-removeable helmet. The Cyber Ninja’s accesories are really where things get fun. He has two swords, a backpack sword holder, two smaller hand guns and one larger gun, a back pack, a zip line and two large suction cups that the zip line plugs into and instructions.  Yes, you read that right – zip line. The accessories are always where Joe figures really excel, and the zip line is something that I would have gone nuts for as a kid. Well not would have – I bought many Sky Commanders on clearance at KB Toys – and zip lines where a huge gimmick.

Summary: There’s really not a lot to go into with the Cyber Ninja, it’s an excellent figure with great accessories and a fun play feature. If you like G. I. Joe, Ninjas and ziplines, then you have to hunt one down.


Additional accessories not photo’d.

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