Funko Announces First Wave of Star Wars Celebration Exclusives

Star Wars Celebration is quickly creeping up and Funko has announced the first round of exclusives for the show. If you are attending and want to grab any of this loot, be sure to enter the lottery to win a ticket for the line.

The first exclusives shared are:

  • Pop! Deluxe: Rey with Speeder
  • Pop!: Garindan (Empire Spy)
  • Pop!: Han Solo (Action Pose)
  • Pop!: Qui Gon Jinn (Holographic)
  • Pop!: Rebels – Chopper (Imperial Disguise)
  • Wobblers: Boba Fett (Proto Suit)

The next round of exlcuisves will be shared Thursday and the shared exclusives will be announced April 12th.  See all these new exclusives below.

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