SDCC – Hasbro GI Joe: Renegades

At the GI Joe panel

  • 10-10-10 launch of The Hub; overview of the Hub
  • GI Joe Renegades:  starts off with the joes not knowing each other – the Joes get blamed for a crime they didn’t commit and have to clear themselves…starts off at the beginning – before code names
  • Watching a preview of the new Joe cartoon designs; character design is similar to Clone Wars…but more GI Joe.  Looks nice..great vehicle designs
  • Original voices for Duke and Scarlett will be guesting as different characters
  • Brief animated preview shown…all action sequences.
  • Aiming for an all ages show…kid show, but adult friendly
  • The Joes aren’t perfect, flawed heroes, but still heroes.
  • Baroness has asked why her glasses are being replaced by sunglasses.
  • Any crossovers between GI Joe and Transformers Prime?  Probably not anytime soon…but chances are ok
  • 3 3/4 is the right scale for GI Joe now…Renegades toys likely at Toy Fair.

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