AwesomeToyBlog’s Holiday Gift Guide – Day 3 – Fits all sizes

Now that the holiday season is upon us, it’s time to pick up gifts for your favorite people. But, from time to time, your favorite geek/nerd/toy collector can sometimes pose a bit of a challenge. To help you out, I’ve put together the AwesomeToyBlog holiday gift guide. Ten products, each addressing a niche in the fandom, one each day. Up today is something for everyone; seriously – if they have everything, this is the gift for them.

Target always has unique and clever ways of presenting gift cards; and this year is no exception.  One of the gift card options they have is a 48 piece Lego set which builds either Bullseye (the Target dog), a snowman or a polar bear.  Last year Target had a similar set; but the additional pieces are a huge perk.  The best part – you can load the gift card with whatever value you want; the set is essentially free.  Want a small gift for a friend – load the card with $5.  You need a gift for a sibling – load it with $50.  An X-box for yourself; put $250 on there – its a totally customizable gift.  In a word, perfect.

And while you’re at Target, consider picking up a limited edition St. Jude Bullseye plush dog – he’s a decent sized dog for $15 and 100% of the proceeds go to St. Jude’s Children Hospital.  This is an awesome way to help out a fantastic charity.  Check below for images of the Lego giftcard and the plush Bullseye.

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