11 Doctors set hitting in the UK

Doctor Who Eleven Doctors Action Figure TARDIS Box SetOn the Doctor Who message boards, news from the other side of the Atlantic is coming in that the 11 Doctors boxset is hitting.  Overall reviews are good…but the new 4th Doctor has a bit of a shocked face.  These might start hitting the states in another week or so.  If you’re looking for the set, head over to Entertainment Earth where preorders are still open.

Also shipping soon, the “Silver Nemesis” Cybermen 2-pack.

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  1. The “shocked face” is probably the droopy one he used to have in the credits and would often employ when surprised.

    Torn over this set: already have most of these, but need some of variants.

    Also gambling that all of the new series figures will be at Comic-Con so I haven’t pre-ordered those… was that silly?

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