Doctor Who SDCC exclusives likely revealed via eBay

Doctor Who logoThrough the magic of international auction website eBay some information has come to light regarding the 2010 San Diego Comic-con exclusives.  There has been no official confirmation of these exclusives, but based on the SDCC logo on the packaging, its a pretty safe bet.

From the modern era, we have a 2-pack of the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) and an orange Dalek of the new design.

From classic Who, there are two likely exclusives.  A 2-pack featuring the Fifth Doctor and the Master from the episode ‘Planet of Fire’.

The second classic Who offering is a regeneration Fifth Doctor from the episode ‘Logopolis’.  Since there’s not an in-package version of this figure it is unknown if this figure is also a 2-pack with a season 18 Tom Baker.

And one last leak today, a First Doctor and TARDIS set.  This box lacks any SDCC logos, so this is likely not a convention exclusive; but given how secretive Character Options and Underground Toys are this is something to share.

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