Doctor Who SDCC Exclusives Speculation

Doctor Who logoWhile the San Diego Comic-con exclusive announcements are well underway, there’s been nothing uttered from the fine folks at Underground Toys / Character Options.  There are a few schools of thoughts as to where the exclusives are leaning towards.  Everything else in this post is pure speculation and should not be considered as fact.  That should resolve my disclaimer.

  1. First up is a domestic release of the 4th Doctor from the episode “Pyramid of Mars” – this has been long rumored and fairly likely
  2. Prototype pictures have been leaked / stolen showing the 8th Doctor…while he will be included in the upcoming 11 Doctors set, it is expected there will be a single carded release
  3. Given the lack of annoucements, fans are speculating that the release will be something from the current series of Who…and not classics.  One of the top runners is an 11th Doctor and multi-Dalek pack.
  4. Finally, back in the land of Doctor Who Classics, an ebay auction popped up (and disappeared) of the never released Krynoid build-a-figure.  Could this be seeing the light of day?

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