Diamond Select Toys Announces Partnership with Warner Bros. To Produce New ‘Matrix’ Collectibles

As the line between reality and the online world continues to blur, The Matrix has never been more relevant. Now, Diamond Select Toys has partnered with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products to unleash a new line of collectibles based on the iconic movie trilogy!

Beginning in 2024, DST will release a new line of Gallery Dioramas inspired by scenes from the original Matrix films. Each dynamic sculpture will be approximately 1/8 scale, measuring 9-12 inches tall, and each is made of high-quality PVC in a full-color window box. The first piece, depicting Agent Smith smashing through a pillar, will feature multiple translucent limbs to capture the speed of his punches, and is available for pre-order at DiamondSelectToys.com. Future pieces will include Neo, Trinity and Morpheus.

“Like most people, I am a huge fan of the Matrix movies,” said DST president Chuck Terceira. “We’re excited to attempt to capture some of the films’ kinetic action in our line of Gallery Dioramas, and, luckily, we have incredibly talented artists on hand to make such an attempt. Hopefully the fans feel our love for the films and see fit to add our products to their Matrix collections.”

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