Figure Spotlight 93 – Enchantress


Series: Secret Wars 2-packs, Marvel Universe

Release Date: 1/2010

Throughout the Secret Wars saga, the Enchantress spends most of her time hanging out with Thor.  As such, he is her blister card mate in this 2nd release in wave 3 of the Secret Wars 2-packs.

Enchantress is an above average addition to the ranks of the Marvel Universe.  Her skirt hides her hips – which vastly improves the overall aesthetic of figure, particularly when compared to other females of the line.  The deco and paint ops are pretty good…but the face sculpt is a little iffy.  I can’t quite pin it down, but there’s a celebrity homage here.  When considered with Thor, the two make a good pack; worth the $13 Target wants you to drop on the 2-packs.

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