Figure of the Day 80 – Slave Leia

Princess Leia

Series: Star Wars: Legacy Collection
Availability: 2009
Comments: From the newest set of Return of the Jedi figures comes Princess Leia as Jabba’s slave.  Included with her is a part of the astromech droid R3-M3.

This is the third version of Princess Leia in slave garb since the relauch of the Star Wars line.  Actually, its the third version ever, since the vintage line lacked the slave Leia.   Of the three versions, this one is by far the best.  The sculpt is top notch, but the area around her hips is a little awkard.  This awkwardness is a byproduct of the figure’s replace-a-leg gimmick, where you pop off Leia’s torso and place it on a second set of legs – allowing her to lounge on Jabba’s dais.  This is a fantastic idea (see picture after the jump) and is awesomely executed.

I only have one criticism for this figure (take note Hasbro for version #4).  The cloth skirt just doesn’t work for me…its too big and doesn’t hang very well.  I think a sculpted skirt would work better and just look a bit cleaner.

Legacy Slave Leia - sitting

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  1. Great review. Like you, I have only one problem with the figure and that is the hair. I wish they had used the same method of doing her hair as they they in the POTJ line a few years back. The soft goods skirt doesn’t bother me, but the stiff plastic pony tail does. I actually took the chain off her neck and replaced it with one from a Padme figure from AOTC, it works really well and looks great – here’s a link to a picture of that:

    Love the blog, cheers!

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