Figure of the Day 68 – Queen Amidala

Queen Amidala

Series: Star Wars Legacy Collection
Availability: 2009
Comments: Queen Amidala is part of the most recent wave of the Star Wars Legacy collection.  This wave commemorates the 10th anniversary of the release of “The Phantom Menace”.  Advertised with this wave is the mail-in offer for Qui Gon Jinn and Eopie.

Due to the sheer number of costumes worn by Queen turned Senator Amidala in the prequels, she is one of the few core Star Wars characters where there are significant versions of the character not yet represented in plastic.  Here we have her in her purple travel gown, the sculpt and deco are both quite good. However, Padme is not a well articulated figure…but I don’t think you’d expect to do many action poses while wearing one’s travel gown.  She does have elbow and shoulder joints, allowing her some pose-ability with her weapon.  One of the nice touches on this figure are her shoes and bindings under her skirt.  Also, of interest to some, will be the fact that she seems to be sporting a thong.  I find it a bit odd that Hasbro didn’t make her a bit more modest, as in TPM, Padme was ~ 14 years old.  But really, lets not focus on that, since its creepy.

Overall, this is a pretty good Padme figure and fits in will with the other gowned figures released during the Episode I barrage.  This is definately a better figure than the one I’ll talk about tomorrow…

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  1. Some friends of mine gave me this today as a birthday present. I expected her undergarments to be closer to those of my Luminara action figure (who wears a long robe-like skirt too). I was more than socked to find out that Amidala is indeed wearing a thong!
    I’ll never be able to watch the phantom menace without thinking about that…

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