Figure of the Day 60 – Grimlock


Series: Heroes of Cybertron
Availability: 2003
Comments: In the early 2000’s Japanese Transformers fans were treated to a line of Transformers PVC figures, Super Collection Figure (SCF).  These figures were non-transforming, relatively cartoon accurate versions of our favorite Transformers – and lots of variants.  US fans also went nuts for these little figures, importing them by the case.  Hasbro introduced these figures to the US under the “Heroes of Cybertron” line.  Not released at your normal big box chains, these figures were found at the likes of CVS and Walgreens.

Grimlock is presented in his dinosaur alternate mode.  Grimlock’s head is painted clear blue plastic allowing for light-piped eyes.  This is the key difference between the Hasbro version of the figure and the Takara one.  This figure is pretty straightforward and is a rather nice looking dinosaur mode Grimlock.  At the time, there was essentially no non-transforming Transformers toys on the market.  Given how easy it was to import these PVCs from Japan, one wonders if this was Hasbro’s way of testing the market for this sort of product.

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