Final Four Super 7 SDCC Exclusives Reveal

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Super 7 have revealed their final four SDCC exclusives for this year. These, along with all the announced exclusives, can be picked up at booth #5245 at the show. Keep reading for the details on the final four.

Pocket Sized Rose Vampire “Tangerine Terror” Vinyl Figure – $25
Cast in “Tangerine” tinted translucent orange vinyl, Roseferatu has shrunk down to pocket-size (3″) to travel with you wherever he is needed! Created by Joshua Herbolsheimer, this Limited Edition figure is articulated at the neck…a perfect location in which to sink your teeth…and is brought to undead life with green, orange, red and white sprays.

Pocket Sized Baseball Boy “Padres Tribute” Vinyl Figure – $25 each
It wouldn’t be San Diego without a tribute to the Padres! Super7’s mascot is ready to play ball as a Pocket-Sized figure created exclusively for Comic Con – available in both CLASSIC and MODERN color schemes! Baseball Boy stands 3” tall and is comprised of high-quality Japanese vinyl. Created by Brian Flynn, these two Con Exclusives are the perfect souvenir to help you relive SDCC 2013 all year long!

Ghostland – Monoghost “Underworld” Vinyl Figure – $65

From the mind of Brian Flynn comes this all-translucent vinyl figure with limbs cast in different colors: smoke body, blue arms, and yellow horns.  Expertly painted with white, yellow, blue, and metallic silver to enhance the arcane patterns and visible inner workings of the monstrous MONOGHOST.  Standing at a over nine inches tall, this Limited Edition figure has articulated horns, arms, waist, and neck.

Micro 2-Pack Rose Vampire & Mummy Boy “Blind Bagged” Sets – $20
Huge in popularity yet small in size – our two most famous characters have been transformed to Micro Sized Vinyls!  Joshua Herbolsheimer’s ROSE VAMPIRE and Brian Flynn’s MUMMY BOY have been newly sculpted in the adorable Micro-style and stand approximately 1.5” tall.  Tiny as they may be, the figures are still well detailed and made from high-quality Japanese soft vinyl. Sold as “blind bagged” sets of two figures – each bag is guaranteed to contain one Mummy Boy and one Rose Vampire.  However, the bags may contain figures cast in different colors of vinyl: a deep Forest Green or an Orange & Glow-in-the-Dark swirl.

Super 7 Rose Vampire CC13 Super 7 Baseball Boy CC13

Super 7 Monoghost cc13 Super 7 Blind Bagged 2 pack



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