Figure of the Day 45 – Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker

Series: Star Wars; Legacy Collection
Release Date: 2009
Comments: There are times where I worry about the future of the Star Wars line.  This is one of them.  While I appreciate the release of a never-before-done Luke Skywalker, it is reason to worry when the only thing they could come up with is Luke in a bathrobe from the end of Empire Strikes Back.  That said, of figures in bathrobes that I’ve seen, this is among the finest.

This Luke Skywalker is the perfect companion to this wave’s Leia figure, as with the two of them (and any old R2 or 3p0) you can reenact the closing moments of our generation’s finest film, The Empire Strikes Back.  All in all, this is a surprisingly good figure.  The sculpt is good, the added detail with his open hand (sorry no picture!) is quite nice.  The robe is about as good as it could have been.  While a rubber one may have looked better, it would have limited arm motion, so I understand the decision.  Really the only part that looks weird is the belt…I tried for awhile to get both ends to point down, but that wasn’t happening.  The accessories are a bit odd with the figure, considering neither was used by Luke in the scene.  A lightsaber, I understand…it would be handy in the event there was a Sunday morning, reading the newspaper in my robe, imperial attack.  I’m guessing the other acessory is 2-1B’s poker used to make sure Luke’s new hand worked.  Or maybe its a futuristic pen.

Luke, of course, is a build-a-droid figure, including a protocol droid’s head.  With this addition I finally have enough parts to build a droid.  Unfortunately, the arms don’t match and the legs are different lengths, but hey, it’s a droid.  See it after the jump.

Build a droid mess

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