What I Bought Today: Marvel Legends Red Skull

wibt tn Item: Red Skull
Line: Captain America Marvel Legends
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Store: Target

Bio/Package Text: Cut off one head and two more shall take its place! Hydra may be defeated, but it can never be destroyed!

Thoughts: Today is the day that I finally lost to the Build-A-Figure concept.  For about two weeks I’ve had a one armed Mandroid on my desk and I’ve liked playing around with him, but felt something was missing. Well not “something”, an arm. Today at Target I saw Red Skull, sighed to myself, and bought a Mandroid arm that comes with a bonus 6″ articulated figured. A $17.99 arm. Congrats Hasbro, you win.

Red Skull, as he appeared in Captain America: The First Avenger, includes two guns, the Cosmic Cube and the aforementioned Mandroid arm. This is the first of the Captain America Marvel Legends figures that I’m disappointed in…Red Skull feels floppy compared to the others and it took a fair amount of effort to get him standing. Also, due to Red Skull’s trench coat, his shoulder articulation is limited, making it difficult to have him hold his arms down at his sides. Otherwise, the articulation is on par with other Marvel Legends figures – excellent. Also, Red Skull’s head sculpt is great. That’s something, right?

Summary: I’m underwhelmed by Red Skull, but at least I know now have a complete Mandroid. I’m left wishing I bought the generic Hydra trooper instead.


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