Figure of the Day 31 – Cobra Commander

Cobra Commander

Series: 25 Anniversary Collection
Release Date: 2007
Comments: This weekend Paramount Pictures and HASBRO release the big screen action figure “GI Joe: Rise of Cobra”. Coincidentally, Fry’s grocery stores are clearancing out their GI Joe figures; so I bring to you the Cobra Commander.

What a difference 25 years makes for a toy line!  Carded, the figure uses the same approach as the Original Trilogy collection from Star Wars, using the classic cardback with a vastly updated figure. The overall effect is slick, but this isn’t a toy you should leave carded.
This Cobra Commander figure is pretty much perfect.  This masked version of the character (which I’ve always preferred over the hood) has a great deco, is nicely articulated and has a few secrets for fans.  The sculpt and body are typical for your modern Joe figure, featuring 13 points of articulation.  Cobra Commander also features a removable helmet.  When removed you can see the ‘self-destruct’ mechanism which prevents anyone from learning the Commander’s true identity in the event his mask is removed.  This sort of detail just makes the toy fun.  See two more pictures after the jump.

25th Joe - Cobra Commander 2

25th Joe - Cobra Commander carded

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