What I Opened Today: Westland Giftware’s Batmobile Water Globe

DC Logo 2013Right before my holiday break, I was greeted by a big box of Westland Giftware products from Entertainment Earth.  If you’re not familiar with Westland Giftware, they offer a huge range of household products such as cookie jars, barware, snow globes and more all decked out in some of your favorite properties including Marvel comics, DC Comics, Star Trek, and Peanuts to name just a few. Today I’ve opened up the Batmobile Water Globe which is available on Entertainment Earth for $21.99.

Thoughts: The Batmobile Water Globe is packaged in a DC Comics Westland Giftware box, which features artwork of DC faves Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman and Superman. The DC Comics Originals logo on the box is based on the DC Comic’s logos of the 40’s. Interestingly the 2000’s era DC Comics logo is also featured on the same side of the box. Opening the box reveals the Batmobile Water Globe encased in a plastic bag in a block of foam.

The Batmobile Water Globe measures 5″ long, 2.5″ wide and is a bit under 4″ tall. The design of the snow globe is a little different as the ‘globe’ part is only the seating area of the Batmobile, holding Batman and Robin. The Batmobile design used is the 1964 comics version, a nice departure from other, more common designs. Both the Batmobile itself and the Batman and Robin inside the globe are well sculpted and painted. Having Robin’s cape flowing behind him is a fantastic touch and gives this static sculpture a great suggestion of motion. I’m really impressed with the quality of the sculpt here – very true to the 60’s comic aesthetic.

The snow globe part has a diameter of 2.5″ wide – the entire width of the water globe. Batman and Robin are joined in the globe by ‘holographic’ snow. There’s a good amount of snow in there, so a quick shake results in a nice holographic flurry for our heroes.

Summary: By making some great design choices, the Westland Giftware Batman Batmobile Water Globe is a collectible I’m really fond of. I love the choice of the lesser known early 60’s Batmobile and choosing to have the ‘snow globe’ part be just the cockpit made this globe unique and different from most. At just $22, this is a steal for any Batfan.  You can find this and other Westland Giftware at Entertainment Earth.

Thanks to AwesomeToyBlog sponsor Entertainment Earth for supplying the Batman Batmobile Water Globe for review. Any purchases made from Entertainment Earth from links at AwesomeToyBlog help keep the show going and are appreciated!

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