Figure of the Day 16 – DJ Domo

DJ Domo

Series: Target Exclusive Domo
Release Date: 2008
Comments: Domo has his roots as a TV network mascot in Japan, with the western world first becoming aware of the fellow through youtube and an internet meme.  In 2008 Domo hit it big in the US with Target using the character heavily for both Halloween and Christmas merchandise.

Domo as a DJ is a simple PVC figure featuring no points of articulation.  He was packed in a tube with another Domo figure (his arms are up over his head).  If you like the character of Domo you’ll like these, if you don’t you’ll think these are a waste of space.  I think its fun, and really, when you have a room full of toys, does 1 PVC figure really take up that much room?

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